June 1

Uploading Your Print Book to Createspace


To publish print books through Createspace.com, you will first need to set up a Createspace account. Once established, the Createspace dashboard will be your portal for uploading your books to go into print and editing existing books. It is also where you will check your sales and run royalty reports for specific time periods. Continue reading

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May 5

Formatting Your Manuscript With Graphics


To insert your images into your MS Word document, click on the “Insert Picture from File” icon on the main toolbar OR click on the “Insert” tab and select “Picture.” Either of these actions will take you to a prompt that allows you to select your image from your computer files and insert it into your manuscript. Continue reading

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April 3

Kindle Direct Publishing Tools


What separates the men from the boys in book publishing is not just the quality of your book, which is certainly a factor, but marketing, marketing, marketing. If the world does not know that your book is one of the needles in the giant haystack of Amazon.com, they do not know to go looking for it! Successfully marketing your book is a key factor in becoming not just an author, but an author who sells books. Continue reading

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March 28

Your Book Cover


You want to create an eye-catching cover that aptly reflects the content of your book. In a world where there is “nothing new under the sun,” it can be a challenge to come up with a book cover that is innovative and interesting, especially when people will often see only a thumbnail sized version of it when they peruse Kindle’s category selections. Here are some guidelines for creating your cover: Continue reading

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