July 30

Great Advice From CJ Lyons


EXCELLENT advice from the wonderful writer of “Thrillers With a Heart,” CJ Lyons, who advises authors to:

1) Write a great book

2) Wait for your readers to find the book

3) Repeat

Watch her excellent interview with fellow author, Joanna Penn:

It is a very worthy investment of your time! One would think that writing a great book is the hardest part of this process, but truly, putting in the time to have patience and wait for the world to turn while your own specific reading niche finds your book is the toughest part.  While you do that, get right in there writing your follow up book.  With each book you write, you will get to know YOUR writing process and identity more and more.

To learn more about CJ Lyons, go to her website at http://cjlyons.net/.

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