• Spring’s Promise

    Spring’s Promise

    At last in the area of Central California where I live, far up into the mountains of the El Dorado National Forest, we feel the touch of Spring. Although we have had snow in June before, by this time, we usually accept that the threat is gone and the biting chill in the air gives way to fragrant and fresh mountain air. The active time of the year begins and we feel the stirrings of new life and new beginnings within.

    Spring’s Promise

    When Mother Earth shakes off her sleep

    And stirs the world to wake

    Our fields and forests, beasts and birds

    And fishes in the lake

    All loose the chains of Winter’s hold

    An answer to her call

    In breathless, eager joy of life

    All creatures great and small

    Embrace the promise of warmth to come

    The quickened life within

    The Wheel now turns the sacred path

    And heralds work begin

    As Nature shakes away the cold

    From fur, scale, feather, and skin

    So do we do we also wake to life

    As without, so within

    ~~Katrina Rasbold


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