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Bio-Universal Energy Books by Katrina & Eric

This is the book that started it all! Now in its 4th edition, Energy Magic gives the basic overview of how to use bio-universal energy to manifest positive life changes. While the books listed below that are a part of the Bio-Universal Energy Series go into in depth explorations of the ideas mentioned in this book. Read Energy Magic to lay the foundation for future study, then use the Bio-Universal Energy Series to build on that established structure. – Part of the Bio-Universal Energy Series

“I have really enjoyed reading books by Katrina Rasbold and Eric Rasbold. Energy Magic was pure pleasure to read. If you have ever wondered about energy magic, or how to manifest your goals, then make sure you read this book. It is very easy to follow and you don’t feel rushed through any topic in the book. I felt as if I was sitting on a sofa with Katrina Rasbold and listening to her answer all of my questions about this subject. If you have read any of her other books you know that she has a no-nonsense approach to explaining things in easy to understand terms and easily processed information. I look forward to reading more in the bio-universal series!!!” ~~Aphia Stanwood

The shifting energies of the New Age brings to mankind a unique and powerful method of life altering manifestation that is made possible through the philosophies and methodologies introduced in this book. If it is your desire to break free from the worn and trivial round of life and ascend to something higher, more engaging and more satisfying, then the CUSP philosophy is for you. This practice has revolutionized spiritual knowledge as it brings the energies of action on all levels: the physical, emotional, and mental, together to connect with and influence the power that exists in the heavens and on the Earth. As above, so below.

“Eric and Katrina Rasbold understand the shortcomings of previous approaches to the universal desires of health and happiness, growth and achievement, and present us with a new take on an ancient concept – that of a continuous spiral growth cycle patterned upon nature. You need not be a New-Age person or a Wiccan to understand and employ these methods – this is a religion-free zone of personal growth and exploration. You’ll learn about the agricultural year and seasonal changes and influences that have been affecting humankind for thousands of years, with of without our recognition. CUSP shows the reader how to recognize and make use of the universal energies available to us all, and how to use these energies to achieve personal growth and fulfillment of desires. If you don’t wake every morning full of excitement to see what wonderful new things the day has in store for you, or you don’t see your life unfolding the way you’d planned or desired, then this book is for you.”  ~~K. Albeck

This book combines the five books in the Bio-Universal Energy Series that explore in depth the information presented in Energy MagicReuniting the Two Selves, The Art of Ritual, Properties of Magical Energy, Days and Times of Power,> and Magical Ethics and Protection are combined into one wonderful volume!

What speeds up magical energy? What slows it down? This book will take a detailed look at the specific properties of magical energy and apply current principles of physics to this sacred subject. Give your magic more impact by eliminating obstacles and using particular procedures and tools to increase its flow.

“This book leads you to the connection between what your view on energy is and how it really connects you to everything in the universe. A great and informative piece of literature. Anyone lucky enough to read it will find enlightenment. I am always looking for more and in this book that’s what I found.”  ~~S. Ramsey

We each have two “selves” within us that work to create not only our personality, but also our life experience. A de-emphasis on the spiritual aspect of life in our society has caused those selves to become divorce from one another so that it is difficult for them to interact. This book discusses in depth how to reunite your two selves and use them effectively to create a magical life that you love to live.

“I’ve growing higher in my spiritual learning curve, and this book is a confirmation of what I’m experiencing. It’s good to see that I’m on the right track. The authors are very perceptive and descriptive.” ~~Marquisa

Although each person must establish and follow their own moral code of magical practice, there are certain basic premises that always seem to apply. This book takes a look at how a person can achieve their goals without sustaining karmic backlash. The book also has a section on how to magically cleanse, empower, bless, and protect yourself and your home.

“This helps make working with good energy and removing negative energy easier to understand especially for readers that don’t have experience in the subject matter.”  ~~Annie

This book goes into detail about the optimal process for creating an effective and sacred ritual for reaching up to the Divine and working to manifest our positive life goals.

“This is a good book for those who wish to be more spiritual, regardless of your religion. It explains rituals and traditions and why we need them and how to get the most out of them. It’s also in the Bio-Universal Energy series, and I got to read this before it came out, and there’s lots in here about how to get energy and how to store it and release it. So many little things we do every day have their roots in paganism. Write something that is upsetting you on a piece of paper then burn it? Altars and effigies to help focus your prayers? Rosary-like items and candles? All from the old religions. The same reverence and respect is there, and this book teaches you how to make the most of your craft and worship fully and how to get the most from each experience.”  ~~Cowa