• About Katrina

    Katrina Rasbold began her study of the magical arts in 1980 in the Marianas Islands and has since worked with mentors throughout the United States and England.

    She is a published author and freelance journalist who distinguished herself with her no-nonsense approach and humorous, home-spun commentary in many different genres of reporting and commentary.  Her workshops, classes, and lectures continue to charm and educate her clients and students.

    Katrina published over forty books including ten that she co-wrote with her husband, Eric Rasbold. In 2022, the Rasbolds retired from public retail and moved their business, Crossroads Occult, entirely online. Katrina offers spritual cleansings, readings, consultations, classes, and personalized spellwrok through their website at www.crossroadsoccult.com. Their website also features their handmade magical products including candles, baths, conjure products, sprays, and hand-crafted incenses, among other items.

    Katrina is the mother of six adults who are out there loose in the world being amazing.