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ABCs of Magic

In today’s blog post, we are going to put the old Crone Witch of more than three decades of practice to the test. Let’s run through a minimum of twenty-six quick spells and tips, one for each letter of the alphabet. Consider it a lightning round.

Athame: When leading a group ritual, inconspicuously rest the tip of your athame in a candle flame for a few minutes. Remove it just before you use it to consecrate the sacred drink and it will make an impressive sizzle on contact with the liquid.

Barbecue Grill: Makes a great fire pit to safely contain the bale fire for jumping or to burn wills, wicker men, corn dollies, or other magical offerings. Great for a full circle smudging. Just throw pine needles, cedar branches, sage and/or sweet grass onto hot briquettes.

Coffee Grinder/Crock pot: Grab an extra electric coffee grinder and crock pot from your local thrift store or yard sale and use them to grind your herbs or eggshells nice and fine and cook up brews, potions, and aroma magic. Keep your magical coffee grinder and crock pot separate from ones used for food.

Dryer (Clothes): On a cold day, toss a blanket into the dryer with a few herbs of relaxation, protection, or aura cleansing. The heat will activate the herbs. Cuddle the fragrant blanket and have some herb tea to feel toasty and relaxed.

Elemental Balance: Make sure each of your home’s busiest rooms have representations of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water in opposing corners for elemental balance of the room. This balances the intellect of the East and Air against the intuition and peace of the West and Water. The grounding and healing of Earth and North balances the fire and passion of Fire and South.

Flowers: Keep fresh flowers in your home, especially if you live in an urban area, to remind you to connect with the power of Nature through their scent.

Game Shows: For a fun social night, get your magical friends together and have a “game night” of trivia questions related to Pagan history, routines, traditions, myths, etc.

Home Incense: Artifacts from each home in which you live, such as tiny paper clippings from the edge of the lease or rental agreement, ashes from the hearth, or grass or dried flowers from the garden, are great to personalize your home protection magic. Add to powdered incenses, pouches, witches’ jars or other magical mixtures. It is also useful in magic to find a new home.

Incense Burner: Nearly any container can be rendered safe for burning incense sticks, cones, or self-igniting charcoal disks by filling it as full as possible with playground sand, available at most toy or department stores quite cheaply.

Jars: Rinse out condiment jars to store herbs, stones, charms, beads, and other magical items. They are also useful for Witches’ Bottles.

Keys: Keys, especially old, ornate, skeleton keys, are amazing visualization tools for removing blockages, creating opportunities (“unlocking doors”), and finding answers. They are especially helpful in spell work to locate a new home.

Lovage: As the name implies, this herb draws in love of all kinds. Tonka beans are another extremely effective love magnet.

Mystical Fire:  This stuff is fantastic. Hide it in a broom or spell bundle you burn or toss it into the ritual fire right before circle partners join you. Click the picture to purchase.


Noon and Midnight: Like the equinoxes, these times are balanced moments that are between the worlds. Magic worked at these times is particularly potent.

Onyx, Obsidian, and Other Black Rocks: The quality of stone is less important than the fact that it is a rock and it is black. Black stones absorb and ground negativity. Keep them around if you find you attract a lot of drama and discord. 

Pencils: If you have blabbed something that you wish you had kept quiet about, draw a simple picture of the person to whom you blabbed and, with a pencil, lightly write in the head area of the drawing exactly what you said. Erase it out while chanting, “Remember ye not the words that were said, remember ye not, they are gone from your head.”

Quiet Moments: Rather than squelching quiet moments with TV, music, and company, seek them out and go within to find your own greatest wisdom. Your Inner Voice can get lost in the noise of life.

Rain Magic:  The weather responds to mimicry, which is why washing your car can cause it to rain. Use sprinklers or rice to simulate the sprinkling of rain to draw in precipitation.

Salt Peter: A pinch of salt peter in your cauldron or powdered incense and it make will spark most impressively. Write your wills on flash paper to watch them immediately go up in smoke.

Tiger’s Eye: Tiger’s Eye represents independence and can cultivate the energy of “standing on one’s own feet” when needed.

Uva Ursa: This wonderful herb boosts psychic sensitivity when added to homemade incense.

Vents: When you smudge, be sure to give detailed attention to vents leading into and out of your home, plus doors and windows where energy transfers from inside to outside.

Water: Flowing water will wash away nearly any situation. Toss an environmentally friendly representation of what you wish to banish into moving water and let Nature carry it away from you and cleanse it. Flushing is OK too if what you flush will not damage your plumbing.

Xenophobes: One of the strongest magics you can enact is the power of understanding. People are often hostile out of fear and ignorance. Do not allow them to bring you down. Smile and be your very best self always. You owe no one explanations beyond the good you do in this world. Do not compromise your integrity for those who refuse to listen to truths.

Yellow: This underused and disregarded color carries with it the powerful vibration of courage. strength, and healing, as representative of our glorious Sun.

Zinnia: The zinnia’s beautiful, vibrant color pack a whallop of magical energy for love, lust, and endurance.


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