Finding The Light


I have written as an online journalist/blogger since 2000, back when webmasters used to download premade websites, plugging their html into a page to create a layered look. Here, let me find an example:

I Meant To Do That


As anyone who reads my blog knows, it has been a terrible year for me and for a lot of other people. I like to believe that the global perspective is such that people are being prepped for exciting changes, the wheat being stripped from the chafe, the sword forged in the fire, the phoenix that will rise from the ashes, etc. The alternative is grim, meaning that it’s all for nothing and life just sucks or worse, that it is a very personal prosecution.  

Comments on Bullying


I just read the following article by Kovie Biakolo and while I believe that some of the points made are strong and viable, I do think, like most good topics, it bears further discussion.

Stop Spanking the Monkey


Well folks, it has been one hell of a ride this year and I have to admit, my typically optimistic and grateful approach to life has taken quite a beating. I came through it, or at least I came this far through it, but sometimes, it was only by the skin of my teeth.

Whole30 Review


Hello Folks! It is exciting to write this particular blog post because love finding things that work. A couple of months ago, my friend, Chelsea, excitedly told me about an eating plan she was following from She looked great, felt great, blah blah blah. She told me what all was involved and I did my “dismiss outright” filing of it because I was in a particularly vulnerable place stress-wise and it involved giving up pretty much any comfort food I ever ate in whole whole entire life. No, sorry, but thanks for sharing.

*sigh* ~ Really, People??



Most of you are not even on this scale at all and I love ya for it.

I understand that not everyone is religious or spiritual, which I consider to be two very different things that are only related to one another in a minor way. I get that. I just wish it was not such a struggle for people to let others believe differently than they do without being assholes about it.

Certainly, people go about their lives in different ways in the world and some of those ways will always be offensive to other people. You just can’t avoid a misstep here and there, but do people have to actually, actively go out of their way to be offensive? Seriously?

Dear Mother…


Mother, lend me your words and wisdom

Mother, grant me patience and grace

Mother, give me strength and discernment

Mother, ease my pain and make me whole

Mother, find your daughter in this melee of humanity

Mother, show me how to best manifest you on this earth

Mother, teach me tolerance and humility

Mother, guide my steps to walk the path you choose for me

Mother, help me to know when to serve, to lead, to move, or to stay still

Mother, fill me, free me, and whisper your Divine will into my ear.

Mother, forgive me when I fail and show me my misstep

Mother, shine down on me so that I may move through the darkness without fear and trepidation

Mother, show me that all these things come from me, but are born of you.

Excerpt From “Aster of Avalon”


Book #3 in the series “Seven Sisters of Avalon,” Aster of Avalon, will publish in December 2014:

My mother, father, Danu, Lord Baric, and a handful of other dignitaries of Avalon called us together in the spring of our eighteenth year and without mincing words, told us that the Goddess had given Her plan for us to my mother and father at the sacred well through The Sight. Unlike some of my sisters, seeing does not come easily for me, so I never pursued the talent beyond the initial tests we were required to pass to advance our education on Avalon.

Just Work With Water, She Says…


It was through the oddest circumstances that I met two of the Witchiest people in my whole entire life. The first is my dear friend, Goddess Sister, and personal ass-kicker, Tammy. I was on the board of directors for a festival and she showed up at one, count’em, one board meeting and told everyone what to do and then left and never came back. I inquired around as to who WAS that bossy broad? and then we got on with business and that was that. I saw her again at the festival. She was coming into the booth of my favorite Ayurvedic booth as I was leaving it and for reasons I still cannot explain because it makes NO sense at all, I opened my arms to her and said, “I am so glad to see you” and we hugged and we have been besties ever since. I mean seriously, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??