Goddess Save the Queen


Funny how so many of the classic phrases honoring monarchy involve their salvation or ability to remain alive. After the last several weeks, I can certainly see why.

Happy Dance



It has been a weird and freaky time, let me tell you. I last blogged when I was still processing all the feels from my recent belly dance class. I enjoyed it and it was a fantastic workout, plus I have always liked that particular instructor, both personally and in her teaching style. Unfortunately, some scheduling conflicts came up requiring that I make some tough choice and I did not continue the class. I love belly dancing and hope to continue learning, but I realized after a lot of thought that the Egyptian style simply does not feel expressive enough to me. I am more of a tribal fusion kind of person so I will pursue that study on my own.

Adventures Dancing My Belly


Three years ago this month, I decided to take a belly dance class in town. Belly dance has always impressed me and of all dance styles, it is what I most wanted to learn. Hint: the banner above is not me. I have seen women much larger than I am dance beautifully, so I knew size was not a limitation. I found a wonderful teacher and started a beginner class. Within a month, I developed horrible sciatica that lasted for the next two years. 

I’d Have Cheese With This Whine…But I’m Too Tired To Get It


As much as I love what I do, this “working” shit is for the birds. I have done many jobs from my home over the past seventeen years, but as much as I have hated some of it, none of it was as bad as having to leave my house in the early dark and come home in the late dark and only get a few hours’ of sleep in between, even if it is only on the weekend. I leave at 5:00 AM, drive for a million hours, then work for ten hours, then drive a million hours back. By Monday morning, I’m a zombie.



That’s what it feels like my life screamed at me in 2014. The yellow in that graphic reminds me of a highlighter and I feel like someone looked at the script of my life and said, “This is wrong with you. This is wrong…this…this..this…” and then said, “OK, fix it” and then put a revolver to my head and cocked it.

Sometimes, I wish I had just taken the bullet.

A Reading For 2015, Dec 26, 6:00 PM PST



As 2014 comes to a close, I thought it would be nice to check into the energy that 2015 brings to us. Here is an overall, general reading asking the question What energy will the year 2015 bring to us?

Finding The Light


I have written as an online journalist/blogger since 2000, back when webmasters used to download premade websites, plugging their html into a page to create a layered look. Here, let me find an example:

I Meant To Do That


As anyone who reads my blog knows, it has been a terrible year for me and for a lot of other people. I like to believe that the global perspective is such that people are being prepped for exciting changes, the wheat being stripped from the chafe, the sword forged in the fire, the phoenix that will rise from the ashes, etc. The alternative is grim, meaning that it’s all for nothing and life just sucks or worse, that it is a very personal prosecution.  

Comments on Bullying


I just read the following article by Kovie Biakolo and while I believe that some of the points made are strong and viable, I do think, like most good topics, it bears further discussion.

Stop Spanking the Monkey


Well folks, it has been one hell of a ride this year and I have to admit, my typically optimistic and grateful approach to life has taken quite a beating. I came through it, or at least I came this far through it, but sometimes, it was only by the skin of my teeth.