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A Beltane Ritual Salute


In this salute, a group leader and representatives of the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water quarters participate in a round of  enthusiastic blessings for the high holiday of Beltane. Our group uses it to start the Beltane ritual and get it off to a strong energy launch.

This also easily modifies into a call and response sequence for the entire group.

Leader: Why do we come here on this day?

ALL: To celebrate the rites of May

Earth: It is the time of the great fertilization

Air: To feed the seeds of our creation

Fire: At Yule we saw the spark of light

Water: Imbolc showed us our choices were right

Leader: With spring’s new life we plant the seed

Earth:  With Beltane’s fire our goals gain speed

Air: At Summer the crops show in the field

Fire: At Lammas first harvest gives forth its yield

Water: At Mabon our boon from above comes in

Leader: At Samhain we burn and begin again

Earth:  The wheel will turn and the spiral ascend

Air: The efforts of man and the God now blend

Fire: Our goals are made manifest; new life is known

Water: As we now fertilize seeds we’ve sown

Leader: By light of day and dark of night

Earth:  We ask for blessings upon this rite

ALL: In the company of our friends and kin, let the rites of Beltane now begin!

{The group goes wild with cheering}

Happy Beltane, Everyone