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  • 8 Songs That Take Me To My Higher Self

    8 Songs That Take Me To My Higher Self

    Yes, that is me, exalted and glowing in my “Higher Self” form.  I have felt this communion with Deity, closeness to God, flying of Spirit, raising of consciousness in many different situations.  I have felt it in a Christian church, consumed with the power of God and awash in the Holy Spirit.  I have felt it in a sacred Wiccan circle, joined together with the energy of people I love and trust. I have felt it alone while meditating, while driving, while praying, while washing dishes, while walking in Nature…  Anyone can tell you who has truly been in the presence of God, it is a feeling like a sneeze or an orgasm that once you truly experience it, you will never again mistake it for anything else or anything else for it.  God is everywhere and in all things and will reach out with warm, welcoming embrace all those who come to that divine presence, regardless of the path they take to get there.

    I find it fascinating and slightly disturbing that so many people are convinced you can only commune with the “real” God in one way, through one religion (usually theirs).  It makes me sad that when we are all clearly our best selves after being in communion with God, so many would work so diligently to block the way and insist that only their passage is valid.  Just as people in different lands speak languages we do not understand, so do people in other faiths communicate with God in “languages” we may not understand.  That does not make them wrong.  As long as God understands, that is what matters… and God does because God is not subject to the ego and arrogance of people.

    Listed here are some of the musical selections that invariably bring me into communion with God.


  • Spring’s Promise

    Spring’s Promise

    At last in the area of Central California where I live, far up into the mountains of the El Dorado National Forest, we feel the touch of Spring. Although we have had snow in June before, by this time, we usually accept that the threat is gone and the biting chill in the air gives way to fragrant and fresh mountain air. The active time of the year begins and we feel the stirrings of new life and new beginnings within. (more…)

  • A Beltane Ritual Salute

    A Beltane Ritual Salute


    In this salute, a group leader and representatives of the Earth, Air, Fire, and Water quarters participate in a round of  enthusiastic blessings for the high holiday of Beltane. Our group uses it to start the Beltane ritual and get it off to a strong energy launch. (more…)

  • A Woman’s Beltane Drinking Song

    A Woman’s Beltane Drinking Song

    How often is it that we ladies get a drinking song all our own? Not often enough, so back in 1995, I wrote one for you and here it is. (more…)

  • An Ostara Blessing

    An Ostara Blessing

    To the seasons of life and beginnings

    To the egg, the bud, and the seed

    To a successful harvest yet to come

    And the meeting of every need

    Ita fiat!

    To all earth’s beings great and small

    To promise of blessings to be

    We lift our cup in sacred praise

    And honor results we can’t yet see.

    Ita fiat!

    We plant our seeds; they germinate

    In our hearts and in our minds

    They manifest in reality

    And The Gods respond in kind.

    Ita fiat!

    Our seeds prosper and grow to greatest good

    With the care and love we give

    With the blessings of Water, Earth, Fire, and Air

    A better life to live!

    Ita fiat!

    We ask the Ancient Ones of old

    The Lord and Lady of the Field

    To bless our harvest in this seed

    The best results to yield.

    Ita fiat!