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It’s Knot Magic (Yes, It Is)

In my experience, one of the greatest magical focus tools of all time is the rosary. The intense concentration one can generate by praying the rosary is very nearly unparalleled across spiritual dividing lines. In Paganism, we have our own form of praying the rosary that is slightly different, but accomplishes the same goal. “Knot Magic” is a very effective form of focused magic similar to praying the rosary, except that one instills their own intent into each “bead,” which is actually a knot. Here is how to do it:

Use a length of narrow cord that is strong enough that it does not break as you pull on it. It can be of any substance that feels nice in your hands and moves smoothly as you tie it off.

In front of you, put a representation of what you want to achieve. It can be a unit of currency if you are working for money, a photo if you are helping a friend, or a symbol of love if you want to draw in love, etc. Visual cues help to keep us focused on our intention.

With your goal firmly in mind, measure out a length of the cord that is as long as the distance from your elbow to the tip of your middle finger. This will further personalize your work.

Hold the cord in your hands and focus intently on your visual cue. Tie off a knot each time you say a line of the following:

By knot of one, the work’s begun (tie the first knot)

By knot of two, it cometh true (tie the second knot)

By knot of three, it comes to me (continue with each knot)

By knot of four, unlock the door

By knot of five, it comes alive

By knot of six, the work is fixed

By knot of seven, my will to Heaven

By knot of eight, it’s looking great

By knot of nine, this work is mine

By knot of ten, the work will end.

On the tenth knot, tie one end of the cord to the other to bring it into a complete circle. In the course of this recitation, you began the work, you clearly identified your goal, you sent it out into the Universe, you claimed the goal as a completed act, and you ended the work, which creates a complete and focused spell.

The energy that is tied or “fixed” into the cord when the final (10th) knot is completed. This holds your full intention into the cord until you are ready to release it. Some suggestions for after the cord is charged are:

  • Put the cord on your altar and light a candle toward your intention throughout an entire moon cycle to fuel the spell further.
  • Keep the spell until you are ready to discharge the energy during a particular day or hour that is most beneficial to the work, then release it.
  • Bury the cord so that as the cord degrades within the earth, the energy is released gradually over time.
  • Burn the cord so that the energy releases immediately.
  • Carry the cord with you in a mojo bag.
  • Untie the tenth knot, then throw it into a moving body of water such as a stream.

This type of spell work is also effective at containing the energy of a specific astrological or meteorological event you want to save for later, such as an eclipse, a certain moon cycle, a thunderstorm, or the energy of a high holiday.

You can  use knot magic to harness something you do not wish to release, such as bad habits, gossip, or danger. This is a form of binding magic. In this case, you would put the completed knot work into a glass jar or other non-biodegradable container and bury it far away from your home in a place where it is not likely to be disturbed.

Knot magic, along with Witches’ Bottles, is one of the oldest forms of magic and is a fine way to harness the power of directed focus to release toward a goal when you choose to do so.


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