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  • 100 Facts About Katrina Rasbold

    100 Facts About Katrina Rasbold

    Since I have many newcomers to the various social networking sites I use, as well as to this blog,I thought it might be timely to offer 100 Facts About Me:


  • Just Work With Water, She Says…

    Just Work With Water, She Says…

    It was through the oddest circumstances that I met two of the Witchiest people in my whole entire life. The first is my dear friend, Goddess Sister, and personal ass-kicker, Tammy. I was on the board of directors for a festival and she showed up at one, count’em, one board meeting and told everyone what to do and then left and never came back. I inquired around as to who WAS that bossy broad? and then we got on with business and that was that. I saw her again at the festival. She was coming into the booth of my favorite Ayurvedic booth as I was leaving it and for reasons I still cannot explain because it makes NO sense at all, I opened my arms to her and said, “I am so glad to see you” and we hugged and we have been besties ever since. I mean seriously, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot??  (more…)

  • Depression Lies…And Tells Some Truths

    Depression Lies…And Tells Some Truths

    I have put off posting in my blog for longer than I intended, but not for the usual reasons. Normally, it is because some book, usually a trip into Avalon, sucked me in to the point that I lost track of time and got involved with researching and stream of consciousness writing. This time, I know in retrospect that I was deliberately distracting myself from blogging because I knew what my next blog would entail and I wasn’t ready yet. I would have to talk about depression, which is a subject I try to avoid, particularly when it relates to me. (more…)

  • New Old Project

    New Old Project


    I am excited to announce a project that has been in my head for a while and now is translated out to pixels.  When I wrote Get Your Book Published in January, it was after watching tons of YouTube tutorials, reading endless “how to” manuals, and working through literally day and days of frustrating trial and error attempts at self-publishing. I kept hearing things such as, “If you can use an MS Word document, you can use KDP!” and truly, it’s not that easy. You have to work step by step and have all of your little literary ducklings in a row, plus you have to have some fairy dust and a mojo bone and kisses from the Angels, plus the moon has to be approximately twenty degrees in Aquarius, then it’s as easy as using an MS Word document.  (more…)

  • The Queen is Back

    The Queen is Back

    It has been a while, but I was busy writing another book and getting ready to write a couple more.  How to Be a Queen has published on Amazon for those of you who do not yet know how to be royal and all.  It tells you how to get control of your life and rock that tiara all the way to Valhalla, babe.   (more…)

  • Raving Wild

    Raving Wild

    I occasionally get solicitations from companies or authors or performers wanting me to promote them on the site and usually, I decline, but when Raving Wild wrote to me about his new album, I was feeling adventurous and clicked over to listen. Wow. His work is just beautiful. (more…)

  • Seriously, People??

    Seriously, People??

    I mean, seriously, people? I’m referring to this slide show put together by, lesseee,

    Celebrities Who Have Aged the Worst (more…)

  • Mementos



    There was a movie made in what?  2000 or so, called “Memento” and it was one of those dark, confusing psycho-horror films that makes you think so much that you feel like you ran a mental marathon as you leave the theater.  It was not as complex as, say, “Inception,” which I am convinced I never fully got despite all of the others around me sitting back smugly, contemplating it most eloquently, and nodding knowingly to one another (“And good for you!“), but it was still a brain tickler. (more…)

  • Blog Touring!

    Blog Touring!

    A few weeks ago, I did a blog hop for my son, Joe. Rather than do the usual thing of drafting people to participate, I am going to simply send you around to some of my favorite blogs that I check out on a regular basis. Some of the questions below I answered before, but things shift and change and occasionally, so I was up for taking another stab at it since I am working on different projects now than then. (more…)

  • Carrie On, My Wayward Son

    Carrie On, My Wayward Son

    When I was a teenager, the scariest movies to come out were “Jaws,” “It’s Alive,” and “Carrie.”  “Jaws” I saw on my first date ever.  “It’s Alive” I saw alone when I was eight months pregnant with my first child. “Carrie,” however, I did not see until many years after it was released. In fact, I heard about it from my friends and ended up reading the book before I saw the movie. (more…)



    From my upcoming book, “Tarot For Real People”:

    A common practice among those who make a serious study of the Tarot is to develop a story that takes The Fool, the first card of the Major Arcana, on a quest through the remainder of the Major Arcana until he ends up at The World card, having completed his quest and his cycle.

    In our story, The Fool begins his journey carefree and open. He is a receptive vessel, ready to fill himself with all that the World has to offer. (more…)

  • Looking For Me

    Looking For Me

    Or in other words, taking my own advice: (more…)



    I am running a special on Tarot Life Path consults for June 17, 18, and 19 only (the rest of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday).  During this time, you may purchase an email consult for $20 or a telephone consult for $40 for a twenty minute telephone consult or Skype consult. Email readings will be sent within twenty-four hour of purchase and telephone consults will be scheduled at a time convenient to both of us.

    You can order either one below, but please read this link first:  Click here.


  • But You *Have* Heard Of Me…

    But You *Have* Heard Of Me…

    Despite bad dentition, a disreputable past, a history of poor choices, a true rebirth, and significant emotional pain since childhood, Jack Sparrow – sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow – swaggers on. He wears a title he conveyed upon himself and he bravely stares life down as an unlikely hero. He talks to himself, as well as people others cannot see. He puts great value in a jar of dirt and his best friend is a Goddess named “Calypso.” He will fight to the death for someone in one moment, but let them go in the next if they ask for their freedom. He accepts the slings and arrows that come his way because he knows on some level, they are deserved. If he is persecuted for a crime he did not commit, he knows that there were plenty for which he did not get caught, so the teeth Karma brings to him have something hefty to bite. He casts a long shadow and hopes that no one ever finds out that his greatness is nothing more than illusion.  He spends his life trying to live up to a legend, while secretly knowing that not only is he is the most fallible and vulnerable person on the planet, but that even the legend itself isn’t really all that.

    Yep, that’s me. (more…)

  • For Andrea

    For Andrea

    SCAVENGER HUNT!! (more…)

  • It’s Just a Flesh Wound!

    It’s Just a Flesh Wound!

    I mean to tell you, I am just slap worn out. As many of you know, in March, I planted that I would grow strength and good health throughout the year and for me, that involves very healthy eating and lots of exercise, which is not my usual way of being in the world. The planting has been very successful.  My eating is mostly in a good place and is something I can live with long-term. I have been doing walking and interval jogging, which has greatly increased my stamina and my strength. I feel good about all of that. (more…)

  • Blog Hop!

    Blog Hop!


    Update May 26, 2014:  Unfortunately, the author I chose to follow me in the blog hop was unable to complete her entry due to life getting in the way. I am sorry to say that the hop stops here.


    I am usually good at following directions, but I am not confident I am going to do this correctly, which, of course, never stopped me before at all.  This is something called and “blog hop” and my friend, Becca, has a ton of confused and disjointed emails from me in her inbox about it.  So here we go: (more…)

  • The Power of Like

    The Power of Like

    For those of you who are not Facebook folks – and believe me, Facebook is like my own daily Disneyland and I do love me some Disneyland – there is a “Like” button that you can click to endorse a particular post or to show your support. A frequent complaint is, “Why is there no LOVE button! Like is not enough!” (more…)

  • The TAO of Katrina

    The TAO of Katrina


    Here we are on the brink of Beltane, arguably the most exciting and invigorating time of the year, and let me tell you, my buzz is just gone. I am trying hard to figure out what sucked it away, but my enthusiasm for just about anything is low or non-existent. (more…)



    Now, it is difficult for me to imagine my life not as a writer. I know I published my first book on Amazon on July 12, 2013. That means tomorrow will be eight months since the first book went live. I self-published before then, and by self-publish, I mean WE did the printing and the binding and the CD pressing for electronic copies. It was grueling and quite a huge amount of work for very little return. I tentatively put An Insider’s Guide to the General Hospital Weekend up on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to be available on Kindle and them thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if…” and not long afterward, the three other books I had already written, Leaving Kentucky in the Broad Daylight, Energy Magic, and CUSP went up. Those were the pre-existing books and as of today, I now have twenty-one books published in eight months and a couple of months later, expanded into print books as well. I am grateful that writing is now my full time job. As a journalist for ABC daytime drama from 1999 until 2012, I always wrote in high volume, but books have always been my calling.

    I am excited to announce that three new books have been released within the past month. (more…)