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Food and Energy – Part 1

Creating a particular outcome through the use of food is a practice as old as eating itself. It is less about ideas such as “Apricots will make you flirty” and “Eating bananas will draw in a lover” and more about the way energy operates in the world around us. Where there is energy, there is magic.

Foods, like all items derived from nature, have their own energy code which includes within it the magical attributes of that food. Like DNA, that energy code is individual and tightly isolated to that particular item. The more we process foods, the weaker the energy code becomes, which limits the impact, both magically and nutritionally, that we derive from the food. The closer a food stays to its original state, the stronger the energy code and the more active the life force of the food will be for us to direct toward a particular goal. Nutritional value is one of the highest objectives in the use of the energy encoding of a food; however, there are ways its energy functions.

Food and beverages have an effect on our mood and on our physical state of being, whether through conditioning or through the inherent powers of the food. Some foods are naturally stimulating and some are calming or “comfort” foods. Foods have elemental affiliations that we can use to influence meals magically. The creators of meals in the home has the ability to use food preparation as a magical means to a positive end. Some of you may be asking the obvious question, “Is she saying she uses FOOD to tug at her family’s control strings as if they were her own personal marionettes?” Yes…yes she is and yes she does. I also use aromatherapy and basic energy movement to influence them.

Unethical? I consider it to be pro-active encouragement and it is far nicer (and tastier) than manipulating through guilt or pressure as some of even the most pious folks do, thank you very much. The truth of the matter is that when you work food magic with love and good intentions, you do not override greatest good or free will. You simply create the atmosphere for what is already there to flourish and grow. You are the energy support team for positive manifestation. am a Witch and this is sort of what happens when you have a Witch for a mom.

Like the energy of electricity, magical energy is there, waiting to be used. The cook is the one who tells it what to do and provides the outcome. You simply cannot cause something to happen that is not meant to be. Every magical act goes through a series of filters to ensure a positive outcome or no outcome, often in spite of ourselves. Even a result that is not what the cook desired or envisioned can sometimes ultimately turn out to be positive.

If, for instance, you build a magical meal around the idea of prosperity and the next day, you lose your job, that could be considered counter-productive to your goal and at first blush, it would appear the spell work was ineffective. On the other hand, if as a result of losing your job, you find a different position that pays more and has better benefits, the outcome is a net positive result. The key words for all energy magic work are “Trust the process.” Once you put the energy to work, you have to let it go and trust how the outcome manifests.

To stay within ethical boundaries with food magic, you should always follow these five guidelines:

1) Keep your energy magic focused on what benefits you and those consuming the food.

2) Do not ever work from a negative perspective; always from the positive. State what you want; not what you don’t want. Infuse every level of your food preparation and serving with positive intention, love, and happy vibes.

3) Work toward general situations and outcomes; not toward trying to influence a particular person to do a particular thing. For instance, create a meal to draw romance and love into your life; not a meal to specifically force Bob at work to fall in love with you.

4) Isolate the emotion you want to feel when your goal is completed and use that as your focus rather than your impression of what will bring you there. This opens up a whole universe of options to get you to where you want to be. All magic is born of desire and emotion, so that is the best place to begin. As you cook, affirm what you want to feel as though it is so: I feel prosperous and successful. I feel loved and cherished. I feel joyful and sacred. Always phrase your magical goal as though it is already accomplished. The word “want” should not enter into your process. “I am…” “I feel…” “I know…” are your successful phrases to use.

5). Never work energy magic for someone else without their permission. The exception is your children, because as their parent, it is your obligation and sacred task to know what is best for them until they are of an age of reason. This may be when they are well into their fifties.

With that as your set up, the Thursday Energy Magic blog this week will be on how to use food to work effective magic. If you want to learn more about kitchen magic, I know a cool broad who wrote a book about it:

Click the book cover to see