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File this under, ***”Y’all ain’t even gonna believe this shit.”*** A young man with whom both Delena and Hunter attended school at different times approached Hunter to broker a treaty (I know, right?) with our coven. Apparently, he A) thinks this is 1970 and B) just had someone read his first Raymond Buckland book to him.

Here is the message:

“i perpose a truse this is to prevent our group and your group from it we beleave u mean well so no fighting me and my group whant to make a piece kinda treaty with our group so as to not start anny thing we do this for people with anny kind of circle or people who use enery my freinds have all agread weave had probloms in the past is the reason we agree by word only my brother told me to tell u is the only reason
our group like keeping peace with people so we allways try and make a deklaration of peace betwean people just in case we take peoples word as law and i can vouch for u and your group cuz i know u are all verry peace full i just whated to tell u is all most people dount care but i thought id be respectful enouph to at least tell ya”

Yes, friends, this is for real.

I have prepared my response and Delena is preparing hers. As a bit of background, this kid and Delena had a major falling out in high school and it was fairly ugly. Delena will post hers. Mine is very simple:


I also imagined all sorts of responses as captions to Rage Faces, which are at the bottom of this post. So carry on. Please heckle this illiterate child…this unfortunate victim of “No Child Left Behind.”

I also told Delena that I was tired today, so she could be Acting High Priestess and sign her response as such.


(this is a private post, so not everyone can see it)