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Actual Comments From Katrina’s Clients (Face to Face Consults):

I have been getting readings done by Katrina for the last 10 years. Her readings are comprehensive and are sure to help light the way to your goals. I make sure to get a few per year to see what my future holds and to insure I am still on track.   —  Dianna Wessel

Everyone should do it! The one you did for me this past weekend was enlightening and accurate. Except that the cards did not confirm as happening my wish to grow 5 inches (up) and remain at my same weight. It’s not asking much for a 45 year old is it? — Carolyn

I have been blessed to receive several readings from Katrina over the past few years.    Each time I am grateful she is willing to share her wisdom and knowledge.  Katrina is able to offer insights that I would not have grasped on my own.  Her readings are not promises of what will happen in the future but observations of life’s journey and the possibilities in front of me.  She offers guidance for my life path which is astoundingly accurate.  If you are looking for someone to make up a story and send you on your way, do not go to Katrina.  If you are seeking an in depth, caring look at your life, Katrina should be your first contact. –- Kathy Hardeman

A reading with Katrina is so much more than just laying cards on a table. She reads with care, enthusiasm, and honesty. Her words always laced with warmth, concern, and ultimate respect for the client. Katrina also creates a safe space for her readings, valuing privacy and confidentiality highly and always placing principles of her craft before all.  — Victoria Russell, Author and Advocate

I had my first reading with Katrina recently and I must say, it has been my most memorable to date. Katrina immediately strikes you with her warmth and intuitive nature. This is no “fortune teller.” Katrina offers straightforward yet insightful observations, peppered with positivity and encouraging guides on embracing your true nature and living your best possible life. I found Katrina to be very knowledgeable of the field, and happy to explain the cards and answer any questions that I had. I recorded my reading and have since listened to it several times, each time picking up yet another nugget to apply in my daily life. Katrina left me eager for what’s in store in the coming months. — Tom Stacy, Journalist


Actual Comments From Katrina’s Clients (Phone and E-mail Consultations):

You will love her readings. It’s like talking with a close friend that can see inside your head- like she has known you forever. Great reading as usual- to the point and very informative and accurate.

Katrina is so accurate. I wish I had her abilities. I can trust her predictions and what she tells me to be truthful. I would HIGHLY recommend calling her. She is very funny and doesnt waste your money.

You are a 5 star reader all the way. You know your words are important to me. You are very nice human being. Thanks for being the person you are.

She is one of the best! I have called Katrina for a few months and I can count on her amazing talent and predictions. She is fast with answers and honest.

Amazingly Accurate!!!!!!!

Excellant Reading!!! Very accurate with very little information given to her. Several predictions have already happened. Thanks Katrina.

This reading was right on target

She was very ON POINT!!! Love her, she tuned in very quickly and gave you answers that made sense. Her prediction was right!! I will use her again.

In one word- WOW! Katrina really hit the nail on the head about the ”subject” at hand, and regarding my very unique circumstances! Thank you, Katrina- you are a DELIGHT! Yes- I will let you know

WOW. I didn’t elaborate, just asked yesno questions.She saw things EXACTLY as they are – the whole situation, and personalities involved. Can’t wait to see if the timing is right. EXCELLENT!!

My girl!! Thank you for giving great advice in such a horrible moment in my life.

You are so accurate. You said K would call on Tues and he did. You said I would hear from possible job on wed and I did. You are so amazing!!! Thanks for all of your help, you are phenomenal!Call her!

You deserve 100 stars. TY so much for your advice.

You are a true friend. You tell it like it is. Thank you for your support.

Katrina is by far my favorite Tarot reader! She has been right on with specific details, and is always positive.

Katrina is SO accurate. She said M would contact me and he did. It is a guarentee that your predictions come true. You have to call her. Very friendly and caring.

TY!! I will always call you when I need a real answer.

Very honest and easy to talk to-) Gave me some good advice on what steps to take next with my situation.

A great reading as usual. TY for your support through my process.

She is the best!!!! If you want the real deal…Katrina is the one.

She is the absolute BEST!!!!

Katrina is honest and funny. she always lifts my spirit. very friendly

I have talked to several psychics and she has had the most accurate predictions. And a great sense of humor that makes the reading all the more enjoyable. Thanks Katrina!

Gave me the reassurance that I needed! Thank you Katrina!

Thank you for being there in my moment of hysteria.

Katrina is wonderful. Delivered truthful, accurate information with a great sense of humor. Amazing reading!!!

very precise about answers. great reading. I had loughed until I was going to have a heart attack, Katrina is super funny. I love her. She is my favorite.

AMAZING Reading!!!! Very accurate.

Great reading, very accurate. Time will tell.

Love, love, love Katrina…she has helped me through so much. I can count on her to be completely honest and completely supportive. She tells me what I need to know…good or bad. Thank you. D.

Amazing! There are not words to describe how wonderful her reading are.

Confirmed what other psychics had said. very good reading

Spectacular!! Katrina has to be the most comprehensive and intuitive reader on Psychic Center. She has a way of unscrambling the eggs and making you feel good about it. Warm and delightful personality

Delivered truthful information in a way that made me laugh when I felt like crying… Thank you!

Excellent reading and great insight! Thank you so much.

Have talked to her several times and as been right on all. Very loving and honest–a big plus to me!!

Katrina is beyond fabuous! She predicted certain events like when k would call and he did and whether or not I was going to meet him in NY and she was right. I would call her. She never lets me down.

Katrina is the BOMB. She is great and right on target!

Excellent reading. Compassionate. On target. Honest. Great connection. Shared something personal wme. When the call ended, I was at peace with my situation and my decision. Thank You Katrina!

I just had my 2nd call to Katrina. Very highly recommended. Fast, extremely accurate and honest – she isn’t swayed by what you say to her. I will be back and rate on predictions. Thanks again, great help!

Thank you for my reading, it was so much help, you were right about him, I will call agian to see what else is next!!!

Katrina is very fast and quick to answer your questions. I love how positive she was. She has been right on with the last 3 calls I had to her. You can’t go wrong with Katrina. She’s the best

Thank you Katrina. You were wonderful and I appreciate the insight. I will be contacting you again soon and highly recommend you.

What a great reading. Really put my mind at ease and although it was positive, it didnt seem unrealistic, just accurate. Great job and I’ll definately be back to report.

Such a fantastic reader! Amazingly accurate on my situation. She knows and she is a real deal. I will definitely call her back again and she is my go-to advisor now

Very impressed!


Absolutely amazing! Right on and quick to point out details about relationship. I hope rest of timelines are correct–) Call Katrina u will luve her.

Reading was so accurate I had to call her again… amazing.. truly amazing. Fun to talk to.

Thank you so much Katrina! You were so quick, so detailed and delivered with such beauty! What a pleasure it was to speak to you!! Your insights are AMAZING!