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  • Granny: I’m With Her Because…Damn

    Granny: I’m With Her Because…Damn

    When in doubt, seriously, listen to my late Granny. Granny knows. You had to know my Granny and I am so sorry you didn’t if you didn’t. She was an amazing person and is my greatest “Yes, I actually knew her” hero of my entire life. More on Mary Frances Mitchell in a minute.

    …And that’s a wrap

    I know I am not the only one who is so grateful the election is over. I am sick of thinking about it, so I will use my blog to think about it some more. It will not likely be the last time, but it is getting close. I want to rear view mirror this entire hellish process ASAFP.

    Regardless of how you voted, the deed is done. From here forward, the only “highest and best” avenue is through love. This is not Skittles rainbows and frolicking puppies, but a true focus of ascension. Let’s quote the Bible, often cited by those wising to validate their denigration of others. It says, “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.”

    Fear defeats progress

    At its heart, this election was not about legislation. Legislation doth cometh and may or may not prove harmful to us or those dear to us. Follow through sometimes happens and other times, does not for any variety of reasons. Still, there are some fundamental proposals that I consider to be truths:

    1. Ultimately, we cannot control the outcome of an election beyond our own vote.
    2. This election was about control on both sides. It was about people fearing their inability to control others. The conjoined twin of this is the fear of others controlling us.
    3. Fear does not advance us.
    4. Harming others with our words or actions because they believe differently than we do does not advance us.
    5. Stooping to the lower levels of actions that less evolved people choose does not advance us.
    6. We advance ourselves and all of humanity, not just the US, by behaving with integrity.
    7. Raising the level of love, tolerance, and acceptance through our own actions and deeds advances us.

    What can we control, really?

    Ultimately, regardless of how passionately each side voices their opinion, it is to individuals to control their vote. It is the same with how we choose to affect the energy of a nation. We cannot effectively or predictably change what another person does or feels. What we can do is sheriff our own integrity and behavior. We can control the energy that WE put out into the world.

    I choose the same three expressions that 1 Corinthians identifies: Faith, Hope, & Love and the greatest of these is still Love. I am not escaping into psychobabble and New Age silliness. No head in the sand or denial of realities here. Consider me dialed in. But I also choose to love my country and love the people in it (minorities and majorities). I have faith in a better future, even if there are disappointments along the way.


    This common response to the 2016 election mirrors what I heard when the SCOTUS equalized marriage.  We teach them – and more importantly, show them – how to be good people. Teach them tolerance, kindness, and how to love. We lead by example. While we are at it, we can teach one another by example.

    My Granny alliance is solid

    One of the kindest people I ever met was my Granny Mitchell. I lived across the country when my mother married Grover Miller two or three years after my father died. When I came home to visit, I asked Granny what she thought of him. Her reply was the worst thing I ever heard her say about someone:

    “Honey, some people are just harder to love.”

    I am with Granny.

    challenge accepted