• Dear Mother…

    Dear Mother…

    Mother, lend me your words and wisdom

    Mother, grant me patience and grace

    Mother, give me strength and discernment

    Mother, ease my pain and make me whole

    Mother, find your daughter in this melee of humanity

    Mother, show me how to best manifest you on this earth

    Mother, teach me tolerance and humility

    Mother, guide my steps to walk the path you choose for me

    Mother, help me to know when to serve, to lead, to move, or to stay still

    Mother, fill me, free me, and whisper your Divine will into my ear.

    Mother, forgive me when I fail and show me my misstep

    Mother, shine down on me so that I may move through the darkness without fear and trepidation

    Mother, show me that all these things come from me, but are born of you.