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Seven Sisters of Avalon Series

Reading order as below, books 1-8

Book 1

“The Daughters of Avalon is the first book of the Seven Sisters of Avalon series. It is set in Britain during the cultural and economic deterioration that occurred following the decline of the Roman Empire and following the death of King Arthur. At its core it is the story of the Merlin of Britain (reborn) and Lillian, the current Lady of the Lake. It is the story of their love that has triumphed through many lifetimes. The Druids and Priestesses of Avalon, and the Goddess herself have tasked them with nothing less than the continuing safety of those who practice the Old Ways in the aggressive and cruel forced Christianization of their homeland. The Daughters of Avalon is magnificent reading, and I highly recommend it. Katrina Rasbold is a master storyteller and a gifted writer. I have no doubt that this series will find its place on the shelf between greats authors like Marion Zimmer Bradley and T. H. White.”  ~~ Old Wolf

Book 2

“Ms. Rasbold does it again as she sweeps us up in a tale of magic, love and strength. Her depictions of the characters is brilliant and you feel like you know them all on a personal level. I can’t wait to see what story of Avalon and the holy isles daughters she conjures up next. Deserves more stars than I can give.”  ~~RReina Bella

Book 3

Truly enjoying reading this authors books; this is the third book in what I hope will be several more in the series. I admit, I was expecting this to be yet another disappointing book about the times of Avalon, the Arthurian legend, done and redone to the point that I just have to close the book and welp; kind of inspires me to get to writing! But Katrina Rasbold? Is excellent. This book is probably my favorite; so many twists, some dark moments, but also a sense of humor and wit. I would love to sit down and visit with this author; we’d have much to discuss, and share many common interests it seems. Keep ’em coming Katrina; I cant wait till you finish the next one, and the next. If you’re into the stories/legends and HER-story of the times of Goddess/Earth Mother times before such things became almost as lost as Avalon itself; you wont be disappointed.” ~~Arachne

Book 4

“Iris is the most magical yet. She is also incredibly like a real grounded practical ruler. She is a fierce protector and a formidable foe she is kind and good and helps women on their terms.” ~~Shannon

Book 5

“I have waited for book 5 after falling in love with the Sisters of Avalon. The story is fast paced and will have the reader laughing one minute and then plunged into thrilling fear the next minute. I could not put the book down. I highly recommend all 5 books and I hope its not the end of the story. Now waiting for book 6.” ~~Liam Caudle

Book 6

“This book has hints of different fairy tales, but flows seamlessly into it’s own tale. There is danger for each of the sisters as they leave Avalon and I look forward to each tale as it unfolds. It is beautifully written. The story invoked all the emotions in me as I read.; fear, anger, joy, longing, love, desperation and sadness. I am waiting for the next two sisters tales.” ~~ Whisper Me Kitty

Book 7

I love this series, so it was easy to devour this in a couple of days of speed reading. It’s getting so good! That ending… I can’t wait for the final book. This is one of the better Avalon series’, and one to eventually re-read from the beginning.” ~~Graisi

Book 8

“I am sad this is the last of the series, I wish the magic could go on forever. When I start the book, I don’t put it down until the last page is read. Thank you Katrina Rasbold” ~~Liam C