• When Horoscopes Are Dead On Balls Accurate

    When Horoscopes Are Dead On Balls Accurate

    Each week, I get a wonderful horoscope sent to my inbox by Chani Nicholas at http://chaninicholas.com/. After exploring many others, I have found her work to consistently be the best out there and I am happy to share it with you.

    This week, it was like a gut punch.

    Scorpio copy

    Virgo & Virgo Rising (My Sun Sign)

    It’s your time to win. It’s your time to come in. It’s your time to claim your space like you haven’t before. Not to dominate but to demonstrate that you value the gifts that you have been given and that you have zero fucks to give if said gifts are celebrated in the commercials at half-time.

    This is a full-time gig.

    Becoming you is no joke. Taking up space in a conscious way takes a willingness to be a conscientious observer of your actions and reactions. And that’s a lot like work. But work worth your while. Work worth your time. Work that will make you proud to say your own name out loud. Work that makes you resonate with yourself. Work that allows you to become a transmitter of clutter-free messages, messages that resound with appreciation for yourself and for the beauty that surrounds you. You simply have less time for bullshit, less space for what you don’t want to embrace. Less of a capacity to go along with the old ways of doing things, especially when they weren’t helping the situation.

    Choices that keep us complacent become life-threateningly boring and choices that get us in the game become irresistibly life-affirming for you now. Affirm yourself. 
    Scorpio copy

    Scorpio & Scorpio Rising (My Rising Sign)

    Hopefully the happy birthdays are just getting started and will continue to roll out for a long time to come. You see, Scorpio, this birthday bash actually boasts all kinds of boogie-woogie. This birthday has the promise of being a party. This birthday year has the ability to bring you what you need, especially through your friends, groups and social situations.

    This week in particular works you up into a fever of fantastic strength. This week you can bow to the competition while blowing them away. This week gives you a strut in your stride.

    Use it for good. 

    Use it to advance the best parts of your plan. Use it to ask those in the know which way to go. Use it to help you herd the folks that feel most intrinsic to your plan. Also, be a fan of your fans and a cheerleader to all the soccer moms who helped you score. This situation is about more than just success. It’s about being present to your power, being in your power and being fully aware of how you tend to use your power. Start from within and you’ll feel like you can win.

    With a darling new moon in your sign on November 11th, you’re filled with the graces of all that you have gotten done, worked hard for and hustled to have. Like amazing personal boundaries and a breathtaking work ethic. It’s all going to start paying off now with greater ease and bigger bonuses.

    As I mentioned in the most recent blog post, this year has been hard. In many ways, it is one of the most demanding, including those where I experienced, childbirth, divorce, and parental death. This recent illness, which began the day before our Samhain ceremony and continues now, has shown me how exhausted I am. Goddess really forced me through the wringer on every front and refused to accept anything less than more than I had to give. The entire year has felt like some kind of trial by fire or rite of passage. The need to whine has been profound. The need to dissolve into tears and beat the ground and pray that the cup pass from me was extreme. The desire to run from all of it was overwhelming.

    I am fortunate to have friends who accept no such weakness from me. They called bullshit ever time and would sit and hold space with me while I came to my own truths. They were strong, beautiful Witches and I love them for all they tolerated this year as I did my best to duck my own destiny and cave into the easier path.

    Reading this horoscope and seeing the outcome of the Tarot readings from the past two weeks gives me hope. Even though the full manifestation of my work is not complete, I can see a little sunlight around the edges of the darkness, even as we go into the dark of the year. In working with the Crone starting with our ceremony on Friday night, I have felt so old and tired. The idea of hiding away and doing nothing until Death takes me is so seductive. I know that is not what I will do. I know there is another destiny for me, but I will gear down even further and enjoy some quiet in the dark of the year.

    That’s the plan, anyway. Once I get my strength back, I will move a few more mountains and impress even myself. For now, it is time to rest from the battle and while that happens, I do what I want and no more.