• Seven Sisters of Avalon – Last 3 in Series

    Seven Sisters of Avalon – Last 3 in Series

    Thank you to all of you who love the Seven Sisters of Avalon as much as I do! The plan has been to have a total of eight books in this series. Last Valentine’s Day, we released Lily of Avalon, volume 5.

    My muse and I have been hard at work and have drafted out the next three books and they should be released starting this year. I was contracted with Llewellyn to write a few non-fiction books and I just turned in the first draft on the third one this week. This leaves me available to start working on book #6.

    The girls are chomping at the bit to tell you the rest of their story, so I am sure you will hear from them soon. My goal is to have the next three books completed and the series finalized within 15 months’ time.