Iris of Avalon, the fourth book in the series, Seven Sisters of Avalon, is now available on Amazon.com in both ebook and paperback formats.

    Iris is the longest of the four books coming in at five hundred pages. It presented quite a challenge to write because this priestess princess did not have an easy time on her journey. In a new take on the Snow White story, our heroine faces losses and challenges that would thwart even the most stalwart spirit.

    I hope you enjoy her story, mourn her losses, and celebrate her triumphs. Through her time in the “Britain Beyond,” Iris learns to externalize and to feel as much for others as she does for herself. Thrown into the challenge of instant sovereignty, this independent woman must learn to trust others and accept their help.

    Through Iris, you meet a cast of interesting characters, including the “Boy King,” Prince John. Handsome King Marcus wins Iris’s heart and passion early on and sets her up for the challenge of her life. She must also tame her wild child stepdaughter and shape her into the queen she is destined to be. This turns out to be no easy tasks and as a result, Iris goes into worlds she never expected to enter in the far reaches of Cornwall.

    What’s Coming Up?

    With Iris of Avalon, we are now halfway through the Seven Sisters of Avalon series. Follow each of the seven sisters’ stories, leading up to the climactic ending with our eighth book.

    Next up is Jasmine of Avalon, which will retell the Cinderella story and perhaps another as well.

    Children love fairy tales, but adults do as well. The Seven Sisters of Avalon blends post-Arthurian fiction with a twist on familiar stories.  These books do contain a few sexual situations and descriptions. They are not recommended for younger readers and we advise appropriate discretion.