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New Release – Aug 2014

The General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Yearbook – 2014

Color Version     B/W Version



The General Hospital Fan Club Weekend Yearbook – 2013

Color Version     B/W Version



An Insider’s Guide to the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend

“This book is 100% totally accurate. Having attended SEVERAL of these events, I would highly recommend reading this prior to attending. In fact, if you are simply a General Hospital fan, read the book. There are stories and secrets and fun stuff in each years edition.”  …Reader & Reviewer

“Katrina captures the experience of the General Hospital Fan Club Weekend with unabridged honesty, humorous, truthful tales of unbelievable and unforgettable moments that postively and lovingly spotlights both the graciousness of the actors and the enthusiasm of the fans. The collection of personal anecdotes, hundreds of photos, and insider information about how to prepare” to attend this four-day extravaganza is a MUST HAVE for not only those fans who wish to attend, but also ANY fan who has loved this 50 year young daytime icon!”  …Robin Plate

“This book is the closest you can get to the hysteria of the GH Fan Club weekend without actually being there. Lots of helpful information for newbies and reminders of the fun that is fandom for those who have experienced it first-hand. And great shoe-cam pics as well!!”  …P.Catchouny

Kindle e-book (color)     Print version (b&w)       Print version (color)


2 thoughts on “GHFC Weekend Books

  1. How fortuitous! I recently discovered your works of fiction and just stumbled upon your GHFC works! I am also a huge GH fan! I’m looking forward to your report on the 2015 activities!


    • Hello Kim! This year’s event was amazing and the new book should be available in September.

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